We are a specialist leadership development company.  Cambridge Leadership Development combines deep expertise and knowledge in leadership and development with broad industry experience.

We work in true partnership with our clients to develop existing and emerging leaders at every level, to improve effectiveness and performance, for organizational and individual success.

We are passionate about developing the leaders our clients need to compete successfully in today’s fiercely competitive business environment that changes round the clock, around the world.

Cambridge Leadership Development design, develop and deliver leadership and development solutions and services that develop the leaders each client needs to compete and grow.

Our Approach

Our approach is practically focused and connects business strategy with daily work.  We offer a broad range of leadership and development services, including experiential programmes and workshops, client specific action learning projects, development centres and processes, competency frameworks and 360s, and coaching.

We are passionate about developing leaders for today’s fiercely competitive business environment that changes round the clock, around the world.  Working in true partnership with our clients creating leadership development solutions and delivering services focused on their challenges and business strategy, within their context.  Together, we develop and energise managers, leaders and teams to thrive and sustain business success and growth.

Our offerings are flexible and effective; they range from fully customised solutions to stand alone services, for individuals, teams and companies.

Cambridge Leadership Development have been helping clients to succeed in today’s complex business world where competition is fierce and fast for over ten years.  We partner with our clients to develop managers, leaders and teams to thrive and be the best they can be, and sustain success and growth for their companies.

Broad ranging experience designing solutions and delivering services that successfully and effectively address leadership development achieves positive impact, and allows us to add long-term value for our clients.

Our deep specialised expertise underpins our collaborative approach in responding directly with insight to clients unique needs and business context.  We have deep experience of development issues across a broad range of industries and sectors, and understand the challenges that companies and their people face.

We believe our exclusive focus combined with broad experience and specialised expertise in leadership and development gives our clients a significant advantage.

Leadership and development are a journey.  To advance beyond check-in requires innovation and an openess to ongoing renewal.  There is no one route that works for every organization, or team, or individual; every journey is different.

The way we work

We work side by side, in close partnership with our clients, to design solutions and deliver services focused on their challenges within their context.

Cambridge Leadership Development offerings include:

  • Design and deliver leadership development that is highly experiential and appropriate for level
  • Each element of our suite of offerings can be customised
  • Develop teams and individuals
  • Conduct assessments to determine appropriate development strategies and solutions
  • Align learning with business strategy
  • Create fully customised leadership solutions

To find out more about how CLD can help you, contact us.