Your Leadership Journey™

In today’s complex business world competition is ferocious and fast.  To sustain competitive advantage  leaders need to develop their leadership capabilities to utilise the collective capabilities, experiences, and intelligence of their teams and people.

Who is it for?

You are a mid to senior manager, with increasing leadership responsibilities, or wishing to improve your leadership capabilities.

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Programme overview

Your Leadership Journey™ is designed to help you put effective and collaborative leadership to work in your company, and harness the capabilities and potential of teams and people.

You will focus on developing your own leadership capabilities, as well as exploring team working for competitive advantage, change and renewal.

A CLD Leadership 360 is distributed before the programme, and you will use the results to develop your own leadership approach and action plan.

This leadership development programme helps you to move forward on your leadership journey by supporting you in understanding who you are as a leader now, and helps you to develop key leadership capabilities for the future.

It is an intensive highly experiential two-day workshop creating an environment that encourages you to think differently about leadership, helps you to consider who you are as a leader, and supports you in building your leadership approach further.

Your Leadership Journey™ is a high impact learning experience that blends practical tools with practical development tasks, and one to one coaching to continue your leadership journey, supporting you in applying the learning to your work for your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Increased self-knowledge and a deeper appreciation of how others see your contribution to leadership, team work, decision making and change
  • Greater clarity about leadership and the contexts for leadership and change
  • Exploring your leadership identity and values
  • A personal leadership development agenda
  • Practical tools you can apply to your work immediately
  • Skills and techniques for leading high-performance teams that solve tough problems
  • One to one coaching session following the programme

“The programme was a great mix of ideas, interaction, and activities applying tools and techniques. It inspired thinking outside the box about leadership and different ways to motivate teams and get the best from people.”



Duration  2 days

Location  St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Fee  £1,880 + VAT

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