Custom Solutions

Cambridge Leadership Development works in close partnership with clients to design, develop and deliver leadership and development solutions that help them to develop and retain leaders throughout the organization who have the capability to drive and implement business strategy.

Our specialised expertise and broad experience ensures that we are able to provide cutting edge development solutions that are highly experiential, focused on your needs and objectives, and incorporate practical back at office tools and techniques, which can include e-learning options.

Customised leadership and development solutions can include the following services:

  • Custom experiential programmes, workshops and master classes
  • Development of competency frameworks
  • On line customised 360 and feedback
  • Action learning options
  • Executive coaching
  • Business simulations
  • Evaluation and refinement
  • Executive assessment and psychometric tools and profiling
  • Design consultancy incorporating diagnostics

To find out more about how we can create a custom solution specifically for your business to maximise impact, please contact us.