Leadership & Talent Development

A key factor of success in business is ensuring the right people are in the right roles and have the right capabilities.

When businesses develop their leaders from within the organisation they gain maximum benefit from their investment in leadership development, because by doing this they significantly increase the likelihood of realising their vision for the business.

In these companies leadership development strategy is integrated directly into business strategy, this means they have a pipeline of talent that delivers leaders at all levels of the organisation who are ready and capable of driving and implementing the objectives that generated their business strategy that was created from their vision and objectives.

Cambridge Leadership Development helps companies to realise their vision and implement their strategy successfully by :

  • Creating and advising on a leadership development strategy and competency framework that supports clients business strategy
  • Designing and delivering leadership development programmes which include face to face learning for individuals and teams, customised 360 and conducting appropriate psychometric assessments, and coaching
  • Accelerated development plans where gaps exist in the leadership pipeline