Effective Leadership In Uncertain Times

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An evidence based approach to leadership in uncertain times requires careful consideration of its principles, practices and impact including the following factors :

  • Uncertain context for life for group living individuals
  • What leadership is: reciprocal influence and decision making for a common purpose and mutual benefits
  • How leadership works: set goals, work together, stay together, keep going
  • Core functions of leadership: direction, engagement, alignment, renewal
  • What leadership is for: profit, people, planet, progress

This approach should be explored within the context of :

The evolutionary foundations of leadership:

  • Leadership and its societal outcomes are a response to human needs to survive and flourish: profit, people, planet, progress
  • Leadership practices – top down and hierarchical or in self organising groups – enable survival and flourishing
  • Implications for differentiating elements of strategy and domains of leadership with respect to:
  • Societal decision making and governance
  • Corporate decision making and governance

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