You Lead™

In today’s dynamic marketplace leaders are increasingly taking an entrepreneurial approach as global competition continues to intensify, and product lifecycles shorten constantly bringing new goods and services to market at lightning speed.  In this environment high-performance leaders are needed at all levels throughout the business.


Who is it for?

You have a new leadership role, or wish to improve your leadership capabilities.                                       Register Now

Programme Overview

You Lead™ is designed to give you the opportunity to think about what type of leader you are or will become.  In this workshop you will consider your leadership identity and capabilities, and create a development plan.

In preparation for the workshop you will access the CLD You Lead™ 360 tool online.  The results of the 360 are the foundation for exploring your awareness of who you are as a leader, and how others perceive you.

Through experiential activities you will develop your own approach to leadership and your identity as a leader, creating a personal action plan for your work in your company.

During the day practical activities and techniques enable you to practice and develop your skills as a leader.

Following the workshop, you will have a one-to-one coaching session over the phone to support you in applying the learning back in your work for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Increased awareness of who you are as a leader
  • Appreciation of how others perceive your leadership capabilities
  • Consider your values and leadership identity
  • A personal leadership action plan



Duration  1 day

Location  St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Fee  £970 + VAT

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