Organising Agile Enterprise for HR Executives

The ever evolving and increasingly Turbulent, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous socio-political market environment has global scope, unfathomable Risks and substantial Opportunities. In this TUCARO world agile enterprise – networked forms of continuously changing project based organising – is the foundation for continuous progress in generating and enjoying sustainable wealth and wellbeing.


Program Overview

Organising Agile Enterprise for HR Executives is designed to support you in understanding and developing a strategic approach to engaging, deploying, and developing people in the project based and networked practices through which the strategic purpose of an enterprise is realised and continuously renewed for wealth and wellbeing outcomes.


Participants work in small action centred learning groups within the larger program community of practice to develop new perspectives and to apply agile enterprise tools and techniques to their own current internal and external network and project collaboration practices and challenges.


Key Benefits

  • A practical understanding of how strategic purpose is realised through the energy, behaviour, and skills/know-how of people engaged in the agile enterprise of continuously evolving project and networked based practices in a globalising context
  • A better appreciation of executive and institutional leadership of an enterprise and frontline and operational leadership in an enterprise
  • A practical understanding of project and network based organising practices, including the relationships between people, practices, and purpose and the enabling infrastructure of systems and structures, cultures and capabilities through which purpose and strategy are realised and renewed
  • A better appreciation of the wealth and wellbeing context and outcomes of agile enterprise
  • Enhanced insight into influencing constituencies and stakeholders in ways relevant to enterprise success
  • New perspectives on creating and cultivating enterprise employment and human relationships which generate mutually beneficial and sustainable wealth and wellbeing outcomes
  • A practical appreciation of the continuously evolving dynamics of the tetrad bottom line for wealth and wellbeing: people (quality of life), profit (competitive productivity), planet (sustainable ecosystems), and progress (adaptive innovation)


Who is it for?

You are a senior HR manager, director, or executive who needs to develop your practical understanding of project and networked based forms of organising for competitive survival and flourishing.



2 days