Leadership Development Programme For Global Team Working

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Client: Global Fortune 150 manufacturing and distribution company with 200,000 employees across 60+ countries

The leadership challenge:
Faced with an extremely competitive global environment, develop project-based team working capabilities across global networks of entrepreneurial activities.

The solution:
Designed and facilitated learning seminars to develop the communication, networking, intercultural, leadership, and team working capabilities of more than 1,500 managers from over 60 nations across all major trading regions.

Over a period of 8 years CLD collaborated with an associate of the client to review and improve the programme content and structure, as the client further clarified their strategy for entrepreneurial activities.

Client requirements expanded to include a range of stakeholders – global and local networks of customers, employees, suppliers, and competitors.

The results:
The programme is a key contribution to the client’s strategy of developing and deploying lean, agile, intercultural, networked, and project-based team working capabilities across all areas of their business, and 1,500+ leaders and their teams go through the programme.

Feedback shows extensive success in implementing the client’s strategy.