Commercial Acumen for HR Executives

Enterprise across all sectors of the economy is catalysed by the strategy generated by the top management team working together. All members of the top team, including HR directors and senior HR managers, necessarily require the commercial mindset and capabilities that enable enterprise performance, growth, and renewal.


Program Overview

Commercial Acumen for HR Executives is designed to support you in developing the competitive commercial mindset and capabilities essential to revenue growth, profitability, and customer retention.


Participants will form entrepreneurial teams. Each team will establish its own start-up company and compete only with other teams within the programme. In the process of competing for customers through the production and distribution of goods and services these top teams will create and evolve a competitive market. This is achieved through use of a business simulation in a global market context.


By setting up and running their own businesses participants will learn about the interactive commercial dynamics of market research, production, distribution, people management, marketing and advertising, sales, and customer service and how these commercial dynamics generate and retain customers and drive revenue growth and profitability.


Key Benefits

  • A practical understanding of the interactive commercial dynamics of enterprise performance and change
  • A better appreciation of how adaptive change can both change markets and respond to market forces
  • A practical appreciation of capital investment, financial profitability, and accounting control
  • A better understanding of the interrelationships between balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow
  • A better appreciation of how commercial acumen requires coordination across all aspects of modern professional management: marketing and sales, customer service, production and distribution, human resource, and financial and accounting management
  • A better understanding of enterprise functions – marketing, market research, and advertising; sales and customer service; production and distribution; human resources; finance and accounting – in relation to customer demand and market competition
  • Development of distributed leadership and team working capabilities


Who is it for?

You are a senior HR manager, director, or executive who needs to improve your practical understanding of the commercial drivers of enterprise performance, profitability, and renewal.



3 days