Influencing Skills and Strategies for High-Performance

Today we live in an increasingly interdependent world where we need others to get our own work done.  In business, soft skills are often the hardest challenge.  The ability to influence others is the pivotal soft skill that differentiates high-performing leaders and managers, and it determines their success.

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Programme Overview

Influencing Skills and Strategies for High-Performance is a highly interactive workshop, designed to help you develop your influencing skills further, to enhance personal performance and impact.

You will consider a range of influencing strategies and techniques, including establishing common ground and stakeholder analysis, together with creativity and reframing.

Using practical tools will help you to become more effective in this pivotal skill, enabling you to engage people, and develop productive working relationships.

Experiential small group activities provide the opportunity to reflect and increase your awareness of the impact of your own influential behaviours and preferred style.

Key Benefits
  • Skills for developing, managing, and adapting your influencing style and behaviour to the context for more effective working relationships
  • Frameworks and practice exercising influence in practical tasks
  • Personal action plan to apply learning in your own work situation
  • Optional coaching following the workshop to help you implement your action plan
  • Practical tools and techniques that you can use immediately in your work
Who is it for?

You lead a function, teams, or projects, or need to make things happen, and wish to improve your influencing skills.



Duration  1 day

Location  St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Fee  £970 + VAT

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