Organisation Development

Organisation development focuses on understanding and achieving organisational change, so that a company sustains itself successfully.

Designing an effective organisation is a never ending process.

It is the ongoing, systematic process by which a company implements effective organisational change.

Your company comprises people, culture, work practices, and processes – your organisational capabilities. These capabilities are the unique ways in which a company structures its work, and motivates its people to achieve its strategic objectives.

To implement effective organisational change, organisation development involves all organisational capabilities.

Cambridge Leadership Development helps companies, leaders and managers to redesign their business to maximise core competencies, by aligning their leadership, structure and development with their business objectives.

Our approach combines conducting assessments to determine appropriate development strategies and solutions. CLD blends experiential learning, with executive coaching, feedback linked to specific objectives, and incorporates practical back at office tools and techniques, which can include e-learning options.

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