Leadership Programmes for Managers and Executives

Leadership programmes for managers and executives

CLD leadership and management programmes cover a wide range of leadership topics and challenges.  These innovative experiential leadership programmes are practical and provide tools that you can apply immediately back at your place of business.  Evidence based, they are grounded in over 25 years of research and practice.  We are committed to helping you develop leadership capabilities in the context of today’s increasingly competitive and complex business environment, ensuring relevance for you and your company.

CLD’s deep specialist expertise and knowledge in leadership and development combined with broad industry experience provides a powerful blend of pragmatic application and individual development that enables you to improve personal impact and contribution to business goals.

Open programmes currently scheduled include:

Your Leadership Journey™

In today’s complex business world competition is ferocious and fast.  To sustain competitive advantage leaders need to develop their leadership capabilities to utilise the collective capabilities, experiences, and intelligence of their teams and people.

You are a mid to senior manager, with increasing leadership responsibilities.  More

You Lead™

Leaders are increasingly taking an entrepreneurial approach as global competition continues to intensify, and product lifecycles shorten constantly bringing new goods and services to market at lightning speed.  In this environment high-performance leaders are needed at all levels throughout the business.

You have a new leadership role, or wish to improve your leadership capabilities.  More

Leading Change and Renewal In Organizations

Organizations need to breakthrough their unique cultural barriers to engage comprehensively with change, and embed it into every business day to sustain and renew the organization.

You are a mid to senior manager with increasing responsibilities for significant change initiatives, or have a new role, or wish to improve how change is approached in your company.  More

Contemporary Teams Working™

In turbulent times the importance of team working and engagement is in the spotlight. It serves a pivotal role at all levels across the company in communicating, gaining commitment to, and executing business strategy, directly impacting the ability of the organization to drive breakthrough results and achieve its goals.

You are a mid to senior manager or team leader, wishing to improve your understanding and practice of successful team working.  More

Influencing Skills and Strategies for High-Performance

Today we live in an increasingly interdependent world where we need others to get our own work done.  Influencing others is the pivotal soft skill that differentiates high-performing leaders and managers, and it determines their success.

You lead a function, teams, or projects, or need to make things happen, and wish to improve your influencing skills.  More

Coaching Skills and Strategies

In the business environment people and organizations face increasing complexity and an accelerating rate of change.  Coaching delivers direct and effective help for individuals and companies to tackle the specific challenges they face, thereby contributing to individual performance, organization change and management development.  It is also a key strategy for developing high performing leaders at all levels across the business.

You need to understand and apply the key elements of successful coaching.  More→

Tailored Programmes

CLD open leadership and management development programmes can be tailored for your company.  For more information about how this service please contact us.