Leadership for Performance and Renewal Programme

This programme is for executives, leaders and senior development professionals, who wish to review and develop their current approach to development and discover new capabilities.

Learn how to develop and deploy the leadership capabilities that drive organisational, work group, and individual performance and innovation.

Leadership for Performance and Innovation is an intensive action learning programme based on a ground breaking and original synthesis of the fundamentals of leadership for performance and innovation: what leadership is, why it matters, what leaders do and how they do it.

Detailed attention is given to developing the goal setting, working together, and staying together leadership practices that effective leaders deploy to achieve DEAR outputs – shared direction, energizing engagement, coordinated alignment of activities, and continuous renewal and change.

This highly interactive and experiential programme engages participants in developing and deploying their personal leadership capabilities in relation to the individual, interpersonal and group processes that produce DEAR outputs, to drive performance and innovation outcomes.

Participants create a personal leadership action agenda for short term (3-6 months) and long term (2-5 years) development and impact.


2 days

Dates & Locations:



£2,750 + VAT

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